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If I upload my data to my data room, who can access it?
Only the NFT holder can access the data room. You are initially the only party who can access and modify the data. Once you sell your NFT or give access rights to any other parties they are available to view the data.
Q1: How is it protected from a possible attack/theft?
--> Molecule uses industry standards to protect the data from unauthorized access.
Q2: What interactions I can have with the funders and researchers on your platform?
—> Funders and other interested parties such as collaborators are able to reach out to you if they are interested in your research project. By providing your preferred path of communication (e.g. email, phone), interested parties can directly get in touch with you.
Q3: How will the funder be convinced to acquire my data if it is not visible?
—> Data can be partially and sequentially shared, protected not only by cryptography but also non-disclosure agreements signed with interested parties.