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Accounts on Molecule

Accounts enable users on Molecule Discovery to interact around certain research projects. Researchers can create their own research projects via their accounts. Investors get to inquire about certain projects and whitelist to fund researchers. There are two ways of creating accounts on Molecule Discovery:
  • Email Account Creation: Accounts are being created with an email and password login. The email needs to be verified in a separate step. You can create account via the following link.
  • Metamask Account Creation: Accounts are being created via web3 enabled wallets. No password is needed, as the signature from the wallet acts as a password. It enalbes account creation and login in one step. To learn more about web3 wallets visit the link below
Molecule Discovery
Molecule Discovery
Standard email account creation
A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps | MetaMask
Create Metamask wallet and create account via Web3 wallet