Intro to IP-NFT

The IP system is broken. IP-NFTs can help fix it.
IP-NFTs are building blocks for the DeSci economy, like DeFi legos for decentralized science. They represent legal rights to IP and research and development data; can be fractioned for distributed ownership, licensing, and governance; have composability with DeFi; unlock new ways to interact with and develop IP (and NIPIA (Non-IP Intangible Assets) like trade secrets and publicity rights); bring forth never-before-seen powers of crowd control of ethics in commercialization based on FRAND terms, and create unprecedented liquidity in IP markets.
In this documentation we explain why and how to mint IP-NFTs and some, but not all, of the risks involved. This documentation includes a library of contract templates to use in generating and managing IP-NFTs plus links to resources to learn more.
Molecule has written extensively about the general needs for such a technical infrastructure and the current implementation of IP-NFTs on Medium: